Il grande fuoco


Il Grande Fuoco

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Anna lives a secluded life with her husband Count Alessio Capilupi, who is almost twice her age, and her son Sergio, whom she adores. Antonio, a young man from one of the wealthiest families in Italy and a successful powerboat racer, falls passionately in love with her; but at first she keeps her distance. It is only when her husband Alessio reproaches her after having heard rumours that his wife may be having an affair that she decides not to postpone her happiness any longer, and begins a passionate affair with Antonio. Anna is expecting Antonio's child. Alessio files for divorce and manages to gain custody of Sergio. When complications arise after her daughter's birth, Anna makes up with Alessio, and he allows both her and her daughter back under his roof. Anna's love for Antonio proves to be stronger, however. Alessio forbids Sergio all contact with his mother, who is plagued by feelings of guilt and has now started to doubt Antonio's love for her as well. Antonio's mother wants to stop her son at all costs from marrying a woman who is despised by society, and soon her intrigues have the desired effect: Antonio leaves Anna.

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10 de Maio de 1995
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