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Título Jeff Buckley: Goodbye And Hello (Original)
Ano produção 2000
Dirigido por
12 de Outubro de 2000 ( Mundial )
Outras datas
Duração 55 minutos
Países de Origem


The heroic status of Jeff Buckley is very understandable when we see his performances full of oppressive intensity or hear friends and colleagues mourn his early death ten years ago.
Buckley's talent is captured in the award winning and until now forbidden documentary 'Goodbye and Hello' (2000) by Jasmina Fekovic (1976).
Fekovic calls herself 'documentarista' to indicate her involvement with her subjects while exploring the boundaries between art and documentary.
'Goddess... whatever happened to love' (2004) and 'Dadelpalm', commissioned by MAMA in 2005, are examples of these explorations.
In her work she mixes a clear sense of spirituality with paradoxical present day sociological footage thus making way to a kind of existentialism as if imploring the existence of something bigger then humanity.