Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within


Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within

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Police who called on loner Jeffrey Dahmer were surprised when he attacked them. They soon discovered why. Inside his flat was a gruesome collection of heads, skulls, hearts and human body parts. In a remarkable confession he admitted eating some of his victims, drilling into the heads of others. Most were gay, lured to his flat with the promise of cash to pose for lurid photographs and made unconscious after drinking doped coffee. Yet some should not have died. Patrolmen previously ignored pleas to help a runaway boy and sent him back to Dahmer to die. Between 1978 and 1991 the cannibal killed 17 times, even photographing the dead as they were butchered. A jury declared the monster sane and he was jailed for 937 years only to be murdered by a schizophrenic who thought himself the son of God.

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