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Crash isn’t his name, but it's what they call him. Orphaned at the age of seven when a car accident killed both of his parents, Crash grew up with a scar on his face and a scar in his soul. A fear of intimacy has turned him into a melancholy loner; a longing to help others has led him to become a medic on a rescue team. When he’s not out on the streets saving lives, he dreams. Of escaping. Of finding the young woman who always appears just before he wakes up. One night, he comes face to face with the woman of his dreams: November is her name. Her boyfriend has just died of an overdose, and she's a good eight months pregnant. But she’s ready to go on with her life. And she makes Crash realize that he, too, has a life – one of his own, not just the one he is living for others. As he and November fall in love, Crash begins to feel something like happiness and hope. And when fate seems about to repeat itself, it is up to him to choose between leaving everything behind or grabbing his new life with both hands…

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