Le Chapeau à Surprises


Le Chapeau à Surprises

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  • The Hat With Many Surprises - Estados Unidos da América
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"The picture opens showing a gentleman in full evening dress costume. Removing his opera hat and cloak, he leaves the hat on the table and by a few passes causes it to assume immense proportions. Prior to increasing the size of the hat, he takes from it a table cloth, napkins, knives and forks, and a few dishes. Then the hat is increased in size and he takes therefrom several chairs, after which the guests are produced from the same hat, consisting of two men and two women. They seat themselves at the table and proceed to eat of the good things provided, when the conjurer jumps backward on the table, and in the excitement everything disappears, leaving him as he was before with the original high hat. The scene is so funny that the pictures on the wall assume life and appear to enjoy the situation to such an extent that they almost fall down. After everything is righted the magician bows himself out of the picture."

- Written By Lubin Catalog.

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