Le Parapluie Fantastique


Le Parapluie Fantastique

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"The scene is similar to that seen at Coney Island, where a number of shows are constantly going on. A Juggler enters, dressed in promenade costume, with an overcoat hanging over his arm, a silk hat on his head and carrying a cane. Laying down his coat and cane, he uses his hat for some of his juggling feats. Throwing the hat to the ground, it suddenly becomes a balloon, which he catches and balances on the end of the cane. The balloon turns into a piece of cloth, which in turn becomes an umbrella cover on the end of the cane. Concealing himself behind the umbrella for a moment, he suddenly comes forth clothed in the costume of a young Greek. He draws out of the umbrella a beautiful woman in Algerian costume. One after the other, he takes from the umbrella a Swiss, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Holland, Swedish and Gypsy Maiden, and, as a finish, a beautiful Fairy appears, the latter dropping out of a bunch of roses as they fall from the umbrella. Thus there have been produced by..."

- Written By Lubin Catalog.

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