Le Sorcier


Le Sorcier

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  • The Witch's Revenge - Estados Unidos da América
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"Two guards bring a sorcerer into the hall of a palace of the time of the Middle Ages. The king who follows them orders the sorcerer to be chained and to be condemned to death for his practice of witchcraft. He begs the king to permit him just one hour of liberty, assuring the king that he will create, thanks to his power, a charming woman, worthy of becoming the king's consort. The king, after a moment of hesitation, agrees. The sorcerer asks the king to remove the guards. The king commands them to retire, but not to go far away so as to be within easy call. The sorcerer evokes a spirit. A demon emerges from the floor, and at the command of the sorcerer goes and finds a palanquin, which is brought in by beautiful pages. In this palanquin which the sorcerer shows, at first, to be empty, three lovely Greek goddesses slowly appear. The king is charmed, but he remarks to the sorcerer that the Greek costumes do not please him. But they are quickly transformed, under the spell of the..."

- Written by Lubin Catalog

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