Lèche-moi partout


Lèche-moi partout

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Maxime is a burglar. We see him being caught red-handed by a female house-owner (Samantha) and forced to have sex with her at the point of a gun. They are caught so he attempts a change of career and they apply for the jobs of butler/chauffeur and gardener at a large house. They arrive just as a funeral is ending. The house is entirely populated by females – a teenager (Lydie Beggy) who has lessons at home, a blonde in her twenties (Karine Gambier) and a middle-aged busty brunette (Monique Carrere), plus the housemaid (Jenny Feeling). They exhaust Maxime with their constant sexual demands – and the maid also seduces the coal delivery man – but Maxime abandons them, all now pregnant, in the last scene.

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