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'The film Maska is an adaptation of Stanisław Lem's 1974 story of the same title. This is the third production after "Street of Crocodiles" and "Inwentorium śladów" where the Quay Brothers draw inspiration from Polish writers and thinkers.

'The decision to adapt a Polish short story is not the only factor linking this film to Poland. The music was composed by renowned Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, and the film's co-producers were the Se-Ma-For film studio, the Polish Institute in London, as well as other Polish organizations.

'However, in contrast to the previous films, Maska is not explicitly set in Poland, because the film takes place in an unspecified place and time where feudalism is intertwined with sophisticated technology. The axis of the film's plot and story can be found in one of the sentences uttered by the heroine: "I was a machine chasing a sage, who dares sit on a throne”. However, around this narrative axis, the filmmakers spin several psychological, philosophical and social webs.'

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22 de Julho de 2010
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