My Dying Bride - Sinamorata


My Dying Bride - Sinamorata

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*12 song set recorded live at the Hof Ter Lo venue in Antwerp in 2003.*
Included on this feature is a brand new promotional video for the Blue Lotus directed by David Palzer - famed for his work with The Cradle Of Filth - and the Prize Of Beauty promotional video. Also two videos filmed by fans for 'My Hope The Destroyer' and 'My Wine Is Silence'.

1.The Dreadful Hours
2.The Raven and the Rose
3.Under Your Wings and into Your Arms
4.The Prize of Beauty
5.The Cry of Mankind
6.A Kiss to Remember
7.Catherine Blake
8.She Is the Dark
9.My Hope the Destroyer
10.The Wreckage of My Flesh
11.Sear Me
12. The Fever Sea

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