O Sorriso de Savannah

Savannah Smiles

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The film centers around a seven-year-old girl named Savannah (Andersen), whose father is running for the United States Senate. Savannah's parents pay no attention to her, so she decides to run away. Although she left a note, her father burned it, so it would not hurt his chances of winning. When her aunt picks her up and they go to the park, Savannah switches cars and ends up with two escaped (and incompetent) convicts (Miller and Scott). The convicts take her in and soon discover there is a $100,000 reward for her safe return. But the robbers grow close to her, and Savannah finds the love and attention she always wanted. The convicts arrange to return her, with the help of the family priest (Morita), but she becomes lost in the mountains. The convicts refuse the opportunity to escape in order to search for her and bring her back safely, ultimately surrendering to the priest and the police.

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