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Paul Ehlers

Nomes Alternativos: Paul W. Ehlers

0Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 2 de Outubro de 1949 (69 years)

New York City, New York - Estados Unidos da América

Big and burly 6'5" behemoth Paul W. Ehlers was born on November 2, 1949 in New York City. Paul not only made super 8 movies with his friend Kenny as a kid, but also drew monsters and comics as well. Ehlers gave an impressively fearsome performance as vicious and murderous backwoods lunatic Madman Marz in the nifty low-budget slasher cult favorite "Madman." (Paul was originally hired to illustrate the poster art for this picture, but was eventually cast as the titular character after the first actor who was cast as Marz didn't work out.) More recently Ehlers supplied the opening narration for the documentary "The Psycho Legacy" and played Dr. Jeckyll in the horror comedy short "Caesar and Otto meet Dracula's Lawyer." The father of filmmaker Jonathan Ehlers (who was born during the shooting of "Madman"), Paul is also a designer of custom fantasy knives and weapons.

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