Rubber Bordello


Rubber Bordello

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Between 1897 and 1917 prostitution flourished in New Orleans’ scandalous red light district known as Storyville. Not so well known was an area just outside the district, known as Stor-Evil… The most deviant house in Stor-Evil was a sophisticated den of ill repute aptly called The Rubber Bordello. Home to world’s most advanced purveyors of filth, Rubber Bordello was frequented by the nation’s powerful men, wealthy deviants and most notorious black hearted villains. This was a house where people would go to experience sexuality deemed illegitimate by society’s set of rigid rules… only to fall prey to the Lady’s strict and relentless control. Never before seen footage detailing a day at Rubber Bordello gives us a rare, intimate look into the nation’s most deviant sexual practices. This shocking film will tantalize and arouse, but is not for the faint of heart.

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