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Secret Identities

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The film will deal with LGBT people and other outsiders around the world and the affect heroes and comic books have had on their childhoods and lives.
My premise is that outsiders need role models and heroes more than people growing up assuming they are in the "in" group.

“Secret Identities” will be a colorful, active 90 minute documentary about Gay Male, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered fans and creators of comic books, including LGBT comic book characters, and those heterosexuals who support people of alternative orientations. The film will examine the effect of and need for heroes as regards varied sub-cultures giving voice to the under-served LGBT communities.
The film’s supposition is that those in counter-cultures and subcultures have a particular need to connect with heroes more than those in the mainstream who take for granted their social acceptance. Psychologically comics are therapeutic.

Americans tend to think that comic books are for children. But in other countries, such as Japan and France for example, comic books are considered legitimate art. Comics are in a class called “sequential art” and that style began back as far as when cavemen carved stories on stone walls and when ancient peoples such as Egyptians and Mayans did hieroglyphic writings.
(Thanks, Scott McCloud! :-)

The intent is to reach a wide audience. It will appeal to people who read comics and enjoy adventure films; to people who happen to be or know folks who are LGBT; it will appeal to those who are unfamiliar with the genre of comics because of the history of sequential art. It will also appeal to those who have never read a comic book because the information will be presented in an energenic, linear, and accessible manner.

There should be cross-over interest by many other fans of genres because the Star Trek universe will be included in the subject material as well as Japanese Manga and French and Spanish comic history, each large genres. I plan to target all these groups both in the film and marketing which will extend the film’s information to a wide base. This film will be distributed world-wide.

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