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Sergio Pizzorno

Nomes Alternativos: Serge Pizzorno | Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno

4Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 15 de Dezembro de 1980 (37 years)

Newton Abbot, Devon - Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte

Sergio Lorenzo "Serge" Pizzorno (born December 15th, 1980 in Newton Abbot, Devon) is a British guitarist and songwriter, best known for his work with the indie rock band Kasabian. He is Kasabian's lead song-writer after the departure of Christopher Karloff. He is also one half of Psychedelic Indie-Rock duo, Loose Tapestries, which he formed with Noel Fielding after they worked together on the music for the latter's sketch-comedy show, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy. Pizzorno supports Genoa CFC.
Serge's grandfather emigrated from Genoa, Italy to England and settled in Leicester. Despite being brought up in the city, Serge was born in Newton Abbot, Devon. Serge originally had intentions to start a career in football. He says “i told my careers adviser i wanted to be centre forward for Leicester City. When he said 'no' i thought i'd be in a rock 'n' roll band." He also stated as a young boy that his main aim in life is to become as successful as possible. Serge attended Countesthorpe Community College in Leicestershire.
Serge is not seen as being fond of Kasabian being compared to similar, older bands, including Oasis and The Stone Roses. He says “the foreign fans listen to the music more and don’t call us The Stone Roses or anything. I think they get us for who we are, especially in France and places like that. There’s no baggage like in the UK.”
Despite this, Serge is still a keen admirer of Britpop band Oasis, in particular former lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. “At our school, if you played guitar you got beat up for being a ponce. Then Oasis came along and suddenly playing guitar was cool. They inspired a whole generation of bands. When we started out as kids, it was Noel Gallagher who inspired me more than any teacher or historical figure i’d heard about.” “For Oasis to ask us to go with them is an honour and a pleasure. I imagine they see a lot of themselves in us and i don’t imagine they’d go on tour with a band they didn’t like.”
Serge has also worked with former Kasabian lead guitarist and song writer Chris Karloff on the DJ Shadow track “The Tiger” from the album “The Outsider”. He notably scored a fabulous volley in the "Road To Wembley" segment on Soccer AM.
Serge was at Wembley in December 2010 to make the draw for the FA Cup Third Round Proper, along with former Oasis guitarist and good friend Noel Gallagher. There were allegations of the draw being fixed after both men drew out their favourite teams - Leicester City and Manchester City - to play each other in a Third Round tie, however these were denied by the FA, Pizzorno and Gallagher.
In 2010, he composed the music for the movie "London Boulevard" with Colin Farrell, Ray Winstone and Keira Knightley. Serge along with Noel Fielding have written and recorded the soundtrack for Noel's new comedy sketch show on E4 airing in January 2012 called Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy and they have also started a band together called The Loose Tapestries.
Pizzorno scored the opening goal for the Rest of the World in a Soccer Aid match against England, played by celebrities and ex-footballers on 27 May 2012. Although the Rest Of The World went on to lose 3–1, Pizzorno won the man of the match award.

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