Short Story Time


Short Story Time

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here's nothing like a dominatrix encountering all kinds of problems in the midst of reading a story entitled "My Best Guess". In fact, this dominatrix is peppier than most, not broken in all the way yet, and most likely on her second or third day on the job. However, that surprise comes later on, but in the meantime, here she is, dealing with two clients at one time, one chained with his hands in the air and the other chained to the bed, with more breathing room than the Gimp in "Pulp Fiction". Running back and forth, getting water for what we thought would be tea, but using it for other purposes. This dominatrix is a little misguided, but has a lot of determination and stamina. In fact, "Short Story Time" makes up for the times in grade school spent sitting on the floor listening to the teacher read a story, and fidgeting around wishing that recess was extended to more than whatever the general rule was on the elementary school level. Who would dare not listen to a dominatrix anyway?

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