Simply Red - Live in London


Simply Red: Live in London

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Simply Red's shows at the London's legendary Lyceum Theatre reaffirmed Mick Hucknall's mastery of delivering a live set, dominated by a vocal performance of peerless intensity and soulfulness. Backed by a twelve-piece band, which included a smouldering horn section and the enthralling sax of Ian Kirkham, Hucknall unrolled a litany of Simply Red classics alongside his newer material, which underlined the extraordinary number of successes which the group has enjoyed - a catalogue of hits unrivalled in modern British pop. The show was filmed in September 1998.

A beautifully renovated theatre for a beautifully renovated band! This night was a showcase for who Simply Red are right now. Familiar faces like Dee, Sarah, Ian, Gota and Andy are its bedrock, and the new boys Tim, Wayne, Kenji and Mark have brought a refreshingly committed and potentially exciting dimension to the continually developing sound of Simply Red. Here we delve into songs past and present, providing hints of our sound for the future and giving you one of the finest live performances of my career. So enjoy and play it loud!!
Love, and peace of mind to you, Mick

1 - Sad Old Red
2 - Picture Book
3 - Mellow My Mind
4 - Air That I Breathe
5 - It's Only Love
6 - Never Never Love
7 - Broken Man
8 - Ghetto Girl
9 - Night Nurse
10 - So Beautiful
11 - Say You Love Me
12 - Stars
13 - Come And Get Me Angel
14 - Thrill Me
15 - Come To My Aid
16 - Infidelity
17 - To Be Free
18 - The Right Thing
19 - I Won't Feel Bad
20 - Red Box
21 - To Be With You
22 - If You Don't Know Me By Now
23 - Money's Too Tight (To Mention)
24 - Holding Back The Years
25 - Something Got Me Started
26 - Fairground

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