Still a rose


Still A Rose

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Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene. Through the modern lens of equality, Romeo and Juliet change on screen. Employing Shakespeare and Cinema, two great artistic languages come together to re-introduce a timeless tale of young love and tragedy to a brand new audience. Refocusing literature’s most iconic young lovers, ’Still A Rose’ weaves through couplings of mixed-race and same-gender within the arc of the famous balcony scene (Act II, Scene II) from ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Boldly jarring and beautifully seamless, Romeo (Brandon Crowder, Tinuke Oyefule) and Juliet (Troian Bellisario, Will Branske) transform Shakespeare’s celebrated words to give them new life and new love. Illustrating equal love in unequaled prose, because Love, by any other name, is still Love.

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24 de Junho de 2015
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