Stomping At The Klub Foot


Stomping At The Klub Foot

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The legendary Klub Foot first came into existence in 1982, based at the Clarendon Hall in Hammersmith.
The venue became the primary focus of the European Psychobilly movement until the late eighties when the doors finally shut and the building was flattened to make way for a post office.
During its heyday the Klub Foot became almost a temple to mutant rockers who traveled from around the world to witness the debauched antics of some of the weirdest, craziest, rockiest bands in the world, bands like the Guana Batz, Demented Are Go!, Batmobile, the Long Tall Texans and many more.
The Klub sold out regularly to hordes of unfeasibly quaffed youths in leather, stressed denim, boots and bondage gear all hell bent on indulging in a little rock'n'roll chaos.
It was rockabilly bliss! Shot over twelve months between the summers of 1986 and 1987, Stomping At The Klub Foot showcases the highlight performances at the venue during that period.
Originally released as three separate programmes, they appear on this DVD together for the first time and in chronological order.
True to form the fearless Jettisoundz video crew capture the excess and excitement and recreate the atmosphere of one of the greatest concert halls ever to fling its doors open to potential lunatics.
At last, you not only witness the sweaty madness of those halcyon days in one sitting, but also get to hear the bands as they should be heard, full on rockin' and raw.
Roll over Elvis, this is Psychobilly!

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