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Street Boy

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Anders Nordlow is the searching for sugar man of skateboarding. He is a creative genius on a skateboard, but yet, unless you live in LA and have skated with him…you most likely have never heard of him. I met Anders back in 2009 while filming my first documentary, we are skateboarders…I recognized then that he was starting to do out of the norm tricks….but as the years went by I would see the progression…and I realized his mind was like no one else's Ive ever met. Anders has never had his own filmer, but when I told him I wanted to make a documentary on him, he gave me 76 gigabytes of footage just of tricks of himself. Thats probably enough to make 25 parts. I wanted to find out how he went from being just another kid from LA who could do any normal trick, to possibly being one the most unique skateboarders alive.

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