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Substance 1989 is the video version of Substance that first appeared in 1989 on VHS; it was released on LaserDisc in Japan in 1991.

The cover is similar to the LP, except "1987" is replaced by "1989" (though the on-screen title is Substance 1983–88) and different background colours are used; the Factory/Qwest release has a grey background, the Japanese VHS release, blue and the LaserDisc, turquoise. The video includes linking sequences which are animated to the accompaniment of instrumental sections from "The Happy One", an otherwise unreleased track from the Technique sessions.

Video song listing:

1. "Confusion"
2. "The Perfect Kiss"
3. "Shellshock"
4. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
5. "True Faith"
6. "Touched by the Hand of God"
7. "Blue Monday 1988"

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