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Super Fly T.N.T.


Super Fly T.N.T.

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Média geral 5.0
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87 minutos

Priest (O'Neal) has retired from his former life as a cocaine hustler back in the streets of New York and now living comfortably in Rome, Italy with his lover Georgia (Frazier). Through a mutual associate he plays cards with, he comes into contact with Dr. Lamine Sonko (Browne) a native of a small African country. Dr. Sonko is a revolutionary living in Rome also and would like Priest to assist him with supplying guns for his fellow countrymen to defeat colonialism in his country. Priest is not interested at first but Dr. Sonko, having learned some things of his background, presses upon him he has an obligation to help African people. Having time to think and perhaps feeling a sense of guilt for his cocaine hustling days, Priest decides to visit Africa to see things for himself against the wishes of Georgia. Returning to Rome from his visit, he decides to assist Dr. Sonoko. He is able to acquire the guns needed by winning at cards against an regular associate. Dr. Sonko needs him to get the guns into his country without detection, which Priest agrees to do. While arriving in the small fictional African nation, Priest is captured and detained by a few European officials representing the government. The officials suspect gun smuggling, but do not find any evidence when searching the wooden crates delivered. They question Priest on the whereabouts of the guns without getting answers, which leads them to beat and lock him in a dark room. Priest cleverly rigs an electric light switch in the room to kill one of the officials who guard him and ambushes a second to escape capture. Beaten and exhausted, he exits the dark room similar to a slave dungeon while entering the daylight of outside as the Muslim call to prayer echoes all around. Priest has now fulfilled a certain sense of personal responsibility, and seems to be absolved from his past life. He returns to Rome and to Georgia as they embrace and walk away together in arms.

Estreia Mundial:
15 de Junho de 1973
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