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The Alpha System


The Alpha System

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The Alpha System is a live-action, fantasy short film. The story follows Nova Redcloud, a young adventurer who's set out to learn more about his past. During his journey, Nova saves a young girl, Oliviana, from a group of Alpha Soldiers, and together they barely escape the fallen city of Nordreth. As they travel together, Oliviana finds herself falling for this stranger, intrigued by Nova's past. Nova finds himself recalling memories of his childhood, legends of a power known as "Ethra" his father use to tell him, and the girl he once loved, Genesis, who died in his arms. The memories of Genesis and the day she died on the battlefield haunt him still, becoming more prolific as he spends his time journeying with Oliviana. During their travels, Nova and Oliviana are confronted by a band of creatures known as 'Draths'. Fighting for their lives, the two companions make their way out of battle and travel to the nearest town. Upon reaching their next safe-haven, they find things are much different than they expected. A twist of fate occurs, when Nova and Oliviana are ambushed and forced to confront their worst fears. The Alpha System runs deeper than they could ever imagine. Oliviana fights for her life and must avenge her past, while Nova is left with the darkening realization: to save what he loves most, he must embrace The Alpha System.

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