The Beloved


The Beloved

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(Wang Likun ornaments) and Cheng Feng back (Joe Cheng ornaments) is about to enter marriage lover, just when Su Ying immersed in bliss, a mysterious man appears to her life snarled. According to the mysterious person provided all the clues, Su Ying shocked discovered that the true identity of Cheng Feng back to Su Ying former classmate Lin Qiang, and the frightening thing is, Su Ying memory, Lam had been killed in a fire. Once the shallots years, there have been a sweet Sentimental feelings between man named Jiang Su Ying and heavy cloud (Kim Bum ornaments) boy. Jiang heavy cloud always behind the scenes to protect Su Ying, while he himself was willing to admit, it makes Su Ying very moved, admitted to the same university program, and work into a better future. Chemical laboratory, a sudden fire will be Su Ying Jiang's all fantasy and heavy clouds are burned away, the fire victims precisely Lin Qiang.

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15 de Maio de 2015
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