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The Black Russian


The Black Russian

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Collin Bose is a skilled former brawler and a once-leading boxing contender who has made a life as a high-paid Los Angeles attorney. Across the ocean in India, his fiancee Vivian McComber, a world-traveled American photojournalist, is on the verge of uncovering a massive drug ring near the treacherous border with Pakistan. When Vivian is caught taking pictures of opium smugglers, the powerful narcoterrorists kidnap and torture her for the photographs.

Back in Los Angeles, Collin receives a cryptic letter from Vivian which describes the jeopardy she's in and forewarns her disappearance. With few leads, Collin goes to India in search of his fiancee. He is a stranger in a mysterious yet beautiful land cursed with corruption and crippled by the illegal opium trade. Collin must decide how much he can sacrifice in order to find Vivian – to get back what matters to him most.

Inspired by actual events, The Black Russian exposes the seedy underbelly of a part of the world often ignored by the media – the dangerous border between Pakistan and India. Set amongst this rarely-seen landscape of lush mountainous vistas, The Black Russian brings these important topics to the forefront for mainstream audiences through captivating drama and heart-pumping action.

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