The Legend of Viper's Hill


The Legend of Viper's Hill

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Meredith Baron, a 30 something woman is returning home to close the book on a dark chapter in her family tree. Years ago Meredith's mother, Rosie, was attacked and raped by Theodore Brick. After giving birth to a stillborn child Rosie took her own life. Since that day a curse hung over the Baron home in the small community of Vipers Hill. Looking to make a fresh start Cedric Plume moved his family into the empty house. Soon after he murdered his wife and children before placing the barrel of a shot gun in his own mouth. Years later upcoming business woman Michelle King thought the picturesque home was to die for. Her last thought before opening her jugular with a carving knife was how right she was. Today investigative reporter Jackie Coulter learns that Rosie's only surviving ancestor, Meredith is, along with the family lawyer Larry Cline, is returning to the family home to try and put to rest the legend of Vipers Hill. Meredith, Jackie, Larry, and local handyman Clifford learn that somethings do go bump in the night.

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31 de Outubro de 2006
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