The Man Who Ate Too Much


The Man Who Ate Too Much

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Director's Statement:
"The Man Who Ate Too Much" was filmed at the Taco Bell on Figueroa Street in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. This very restaurant has been the setting for many of the inspirational Taco Bell commercials on TV. When the film was shot, it was intended as somewhat of a satirical commentary on fast food and the way people consume this type of food. I wanted to make a film that depicted a daily routine of someone who has been sucked into this way of life and might not have the best eating habits. As a child I can remember myself eating at Taco Bell and choking on my food from time to time and my father performing the occasional Heimlich to remedy the situation. "The Man Who Ate Too Much" somewhat ebodied the idea of that child as an adult now... After a bit of research years after shooting this piece, I have learned that there is an actual physical condition known as "Schatzki Ring" that causes this sort of choking to occur. I have obviously suffered from this my entire life and was only recently diagnosed with it. So, this may possibly be the only film actually documenting, or re-creating, this bizarre and unfortunate medical condition.

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27 de Abril de 2007
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