The Murder Muse


The Murder Muse

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12 - Não recomendado para menores de 12 anos

When retired Hollywood star Evelyn Brown (Tina Marie Nigro) suddenly dies, her beloved dinner theater, Mother’s Murder Hosting, is sold at auction. Acting instructor Tom Wilson (Alan R. Johnson) is convinced to purchase the property by a fast talking auctioneer when he attempts to recover one of his students costumes from the facility.

Saddled with the failed studio, Tom is committed to turning the place around and enlists the aid if his eager community college students. Unfortunately Tom soon discovers he got much more than he bargained for when the ghost of the former actress appears warning of “the man in the chair”.

With his life savings invested, haunted or not, Tom has little choice but to move forward. Is the ghost’s cryptic warning to be taken seriously or is she the real danger. Only time will tell if anyone makes it to the end of the semester…

Estreia Mundial:
31 de Outubro de 2019
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