The Remains Of 2005/2006


The Remains Of 2005/2006

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The DVD, The Remains Of 2005-2006 offers a brief look into the lives of Alkaline Trio on the road with random live performances scattered throughout (whose sound quality also has some room for improvement).
The documentary itself is fairly thin, but still entertaining.
You really don’t learn anything new about the band, but instead follow them as they do funny stunts, mess around on the bus and look for lost in-ear monitors.
Most of the film is just them listing off where they’re currently at, something that seems boring but is surprisingly entertaining.
When it ends, after just over twenty five minutes, you’re surprised that it’s over so soon, but simultaneously surprised that it had been nearly half an hour.
On top of the mini documentary, they also have some music videos and radio interviews/performances as some extra features.

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30 de Janeiro de 2007
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