This Unnameable Little Broom


This Unnameable Little Broom

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In the film, the Gilgamesh of the title is a grotesque, clown-like, Picasso-esque being who moves by tricycle and dwells in a box shaped domain that hovers above a dark abyss. First, Gilgamesh is seen setting up a bizarre trap to lure and catch the wild man Enkidu (who is depicted as a winged, insect like creature). Once finished, Gilgamesh retreats to an underground shelter, awaiting Enkidu's arrival. Sometime later, Enkidu enters and becomes intrigued by a table with an anatomical, H.R. Giger/da Vinci-esque image of a woman's muscles (symbolizing the character Shamhat). Inside the image, Enkidu sees a swaying cut of meat on a hook. A drawer on the table opens, revealing a pulsating piece of flesh. Ecstatic, Enkidu lunges at the table, which sets off Gilgamesh's trap and results in his capture. An excited Gilgamesh resurfaces, retrieving the ensnared Enkidu by means of a giant gold cloth. Gilgamesh binds his captive, beats him with a spiked club, and brushes his wings before cutting them off with scissors. In the end, Gilgamesh is seen riding furious circles around Enkidu, who is now trapped beneath the very table on which the trap was set.

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