Thrasher Skateboard Magazine | Killing Time


Thrasher Skateboard Magazine | Killing Time

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“27 animals, three girls, at least 80 cases of beer, plus tons of other booze, drugs, sex, and violence. Oh yeah—and the gnarliest skating I’ve yet witnessed in all my travels.” —Dustin Dollin

This limited-edition Thrasher Skate Rock collector’s package brings you along for the ride with some of the sickest pros in skateboarding on one of our most epic trips ever.

Featuring: Tony Trujillo, Julien Stranger, Dustin Dollin, Don Nguyen, Justin Figueroa, Thomas Bonilla, Al Partanen, Raven Tershy, Lee Ralph, Ryan Mcwhirter, Grant Taylor, Nick Trapasso, Dane Burman, Bryan Herman, Braydon Szafranski, Sammy Baca, Pat McLain, Sean Gutierrez, Jake Phelps, & many more...

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