Vida e morte de Pushkin


Жизнь и смерть Пушкина

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  • Life and death of Pushkin - Estados Unidos da América
  • Zhizn i smert A.S. Pushkina - Rússia
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''Сюжет представляет собой последовательность киноиллюстраций к отдельным моментам жизни Александра Пушкина.
The life and death of Alexander Pushkin is summarised in a 5-minute sequence of half-a-dozen scenes that don't make much sense - especially when the film's subtitles are in Russian. We see Pushkin playing in the snow with his mates - presumably in some sort of military academy, although I may well be wrong as I know absolutely nothing about Pushkin. Then we see him perhaps receiving his commission, before we see him getting all moody at a ball. Presumably this is because some cad has been dallying with his girl, because we next see him mortally wounded in a duel and carried off to his death bed.''[forgottenmovie]

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