Who the Fuck Is Milos Brankovic?


Film o Milosu Brankovicu

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As helmed by Nebojsa Radosavljevic-Cupko and starring Milos Vlalukin, Jovana Stipic and Nada Sargin, the tough and visceral Serbian thriller Who the Fuck is Milos Brankovic? concerns a nasty plight that befalls the title character. When the story opens, Milos Brankovic (Vlalukin) is merely a sweet-faced innocent with architectural ambitions, whose only major non-occupational aspiration involves loving his sweetheart, Aleksandra (Stipic). But circumstances take a much darker and nastier turn when Brankovic falls prey to fraud and runs afoul of a sadistic local gang - which sends him spiraling downward into a nightmare of grotesque proportions. As a trivial footnote: this film's titular obscenity was removed in certain markets, its title shortened to simply Milos Brankovic, presumably to avoid offending certain viewers.

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