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50 cent: Before I Self Destruct


50 cent: Before I Self Destruct

Média geral 3.5
baseado em 17 votos
Sua avaliação:
14 - Não recomendado para menores de 14 anos 79 minutos

The film is about a man named "Clarence" (Based & played by 50 cent) who lives with his mom and his genius brother "Shaka". After his mother is accidentally killed in a drive-by shooting in a barber shop, "Clarence" finds the gunman and kills him. He is stuck trying to find a way to take care of his thirteen year-old brother, who has already been accepted to all eight Ivy League universities. During this process, he becomes a hit man, makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and enjoys his life, getting more and more money. "Clarence" meets and becomes attracted to "Princess", apparently falling in love with her. Her ex-boyfriend "Rafael" was incarcerated. After his release from prison, she reconnects with him and tells him about her relationship with "Clarence". "Rafael" forces "Princess" to tell him everything, and then has her call "Clarence" and ask him to meet up. As soon as "Clarence" steps out of the car, "Rafael" starts shooting "Clarence" with a USP (Standard), leading to his death. This event causes his brother "Shaka" to also follow the wrong path and seek revenge for "Clarence".

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