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A Woman of the World


A Woman of the World

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The Countess Elnora Natatorini (Pola Negri) flees from the Riviera after seeing her young lover in the arms of another. It is especially infortunate since she has just tattooed his family crest to her forearm.
Since she wants to forget, she decides to go to the other side of the world. Precisely in Maple Valley, a very generic city in Middle America.
News of the Countess's visit becomes a favorite topic of gossip (activity number 1 in Maple Valley) and her - very, very distant - cousin Sam Poore (Chester Conklin) rushes to prepare for her stay.
The other hot topic is the morality crusade led by the district attorney Richard Granger (Holmes Herbert). He is against night clubs, drinking, women smoking, dancing and frivolity. In short, he wishes the twenties would not roar quite so loudly.
Granger should be appalled by the outrageous wardrobe, nicotine habits and tatoo of the Countess but instaed he is falling in love with her.

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