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  • Who Am I 2015 - Estados Unidos da América
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Bicycle courier Li Ziwei becomes the target of black-clad assassins after finding a customer murdered in a pool of blood. Li fights the ruthless killers using his martial arts and escapes on his bicycle. But the killers give chase on horseback and in cars, forcing him off a bridge and sending him plummeting to the river below. Li wakes up in hospital with an unusual brain condition: he cannot distinguish people's faces.

From television, he learns that he is wanted by the police after the killers have framed him for the murder. Li unexpectedly receives a phone call from Uncle Nan, the original package's recipient who wants to meet him in Lijiang. Uncle Nan offers to trade CCTV footage that will prove his innocence in exchange for the dead man's package. En route, former racing car driver Li picks up hitchhiker Tong Xin who becomes his "eyes" since he can recognise neither the killers nor Uncle Nan. Aware of his brain condition, the killers repeatedly attempt to trick Li, even using Tong after threatening her family. Li finally meet Uncle Nan who reveals a photograph of a young boy hidden in the package. The child is the rare bone marrow match for the dying daughter of a company president. When the photograph is stolen by the killers, Li and Tong must track down his school to save him and the life of his donor recipient. In a final confrontation on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a sacrifice must be made.

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3 de Janeiro de 2017
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