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Brain Eno, Imaginary Landscapes


Brain Eno, Imaginary Landscapes

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Box says: Imaginary Landscapes is a profile of a modern artist at the
cutting edge of technological change and popular taste.
It brings into an intensely personal focus Brain Eno's
seemingly disparate work in sound, vision and light, and explores his
music in visual terms, based on landscapes and images that have shaped
his life as an artist. A founding member of Roxy Music, Brain Eno is
well-known for solo albums and collaborations with artists like David
Bowie, Robert Fripp, and David Byrne. He has produced albums for some
of the most influential musicians of the seventies and eighties,
including U2's highly acclaimed 'Joshua Tree'. He has since gone on to
new work as a composer, video artist and creator of sculptural light
installations. Eno discusses the central concerns and problems of his
work, and reflects on the conformist demands on an evolving artist.
Being a pop star, composer of electronic music, video artist and sculptor
proved too much for the British artistic establishment. But his
chameleon-like qualities were recognized as innovate in America. Eno
remains a quiet revolutionary as he continues to develop his extremely
personal aesthetic of sound and vision.

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