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Confused and solitary, an elderly woman sits in a remote, abandoned care home. Haunted by memories, will she discover why she is there and is she really alone?

CARE is an award-winning short film by Tristan Aitchison ( Winner of Best Artistic Direction at La Guarimba International Film Festival in Italy, finalist at International Video Art House Madrid, Festival Internazionale Cinema D'Arte in Milan and shortlisted for Best Activist Film at Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival. CARE has screened at over 20 international film festivals.

Deep in the remote Scottish Highlands sits an abandoned and dilapidated nursing home, seemingly long forgotten; it lies deteriorating. Amidst the damp and dust an elderly and confused woman, Doreen, sits in what once was the day room.

Doreen is seeking a way out of this nightmare but through every door is not an exit but memories of humiliation, abuse and a sense that she might not be as alone as she seems.
Care is a short psychological chiller which at its core is about the fear of what will happen to you when you no longer have the ability to care for yourself, because we all get old... but who will look after you?

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