CKY4: The Latest & Greatest


CKY4: The Latest & Greatest

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CKY 4, the fourth film in the series, was released on November 10, 2002. It has a marked improvement in editing techniques compared to the other films, mostly due to Bam Margera's newly-acquired wealth and ability to purchase motion picture film cameras and utilize advanced post-production facilities. However, it also features a lot of older video material, some unseen, some extended and some off-cuts from previous CKY films. Scenes include Don Vito's 50 Shots of Peach Schnapps (Bonus Feature) and Ryan Dunn rolling off a roof in a barrel.
CKY4 is the only CKY video to be censored, and one of the few DVDs to have been censored three times.
A DVD Easter Egg showed Bam and his then-girlfriend mid-coitus with altered color mixes to avoid nudity. This wasn't the first time CKY videos have attracted trouble of this sort, but none of the previous videos cut legal sexually themed scenes until this one in mid-2003.
In 2002, Brandon DiCamillo and CKY drummer Jess Margera wrote a rap about Masters Of The Universe characters Skeletor and Beast Man engaging in extreme homosexual behavior, called Skeletor vs Beastman. Mattel, owners of the Masters Of The Universe franchise, heard about the rap, and were displeased. Margera was sent a cease-and-desist order, and subsequent editions of the DVD have replaced this video with skateboarding footage.
CKY guitarist Chad Ginsburg, a large fan of punk rocker G.G. Allin, visited his grave one day and after consuming an entire bottle of Jim Beam bourbon (Allin's favorite beverage), he proceeded to urinate on the grave, and left an autographed copy of Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild. which was later stolen. Mixed in between the grave footage is CKY performing Allin's song "Bite It, You Scum".
At the end of the "lil key key" skit performed by Chris Raab, there was a "Secret Easter Egg" also got cut in 2003 for unknown reasons.
The Skeletor vs Beastman is still listed as a selectable chapter on the fourth edition release of the DVD, but the skateboarding footage is shown.

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