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I’m an Atlanta based independent filmmaker currently developing several new projects including the film series “GRFX” and feature films “The Lovely Douglas Berger” and “Dark White.” My work often takes familiar genre forms, e.g., Sci-Fi or Horror, and presents them in a vibrant, new, unfamiliar way.

I never went to film school. Instead, myself and a group of DIY filmmakers got together with the New Street Arts organization and created a collaborative filmmaking workshop called The Dailies Project. For years I wrote, directed, produced, performed, shot and edited in dozens of short films, music videos, film/theater installations and so on. Some of this work you can view on the site.

In 2006, I started an “Exquisite Corpse” Dailies Project with Rob Nixon, Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry. The project inspired the 2007 collaborative indie horror feature, “The Signal,” produced by POPfilms, which I co-wrote and co-directed. It premeried at Sundance that year and was purchased by Magnolia Pictures opening night for 2.3 million dollars. It was released in February of 2008 and later nominated for the 2009 “John Cassevettes” Independent Spirit Award.

In 2005, I co-directed, alongside Tim Habeger, an experimental film/theater adaptation of Friedrich Schiller’s “The Robbers,” which premiered at Push Push Theater in fall of 2005. The piece gained the recognition of Germany’s esteemed Goethe Institute and brought me to Berlin and Munich as a participant in The Federal Foreign Office’s artist exchange program.

In 2004, I was the director of photography in Brett Wood’s multi-narrative adaptation of “Psychopathia Sexualis,” which was picked up by Kino International.

Commercially, I’ve worked with companies like Verizon, Warner Bros., Hilton Hotels, Herman Miller and others. I work as director and/or DP and/or producer depending on the project. Check out my reels for more on this.