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Em Nome de Deus


In the Name of God

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Média geral 2.6
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86 minutos

Mason Jones felt like he never belonged anywhere. Bouncing from foster home to foster home, it seemed that no one wanted him around. His latest placement had a similar make-up to the others: a middle-aged couple with one child of their own, who for some reason felt “called” to take him in. His foster parents, Tom and Whitney are Christians, but unlike the other homes they are determined against all reason, and against their younger daughter Natalie’s wishes, to keep him around. Through battles with his parents and counselors, Mason begins to learn the importance of respect. As he begins to share some of his long hidden talents, he learns how it feels to have others respect him. Mason begins to realize that the respect he so desperately craves has to be earned. With a heavy heart he also realizes that using God’s name inappropriately is disrespectful to someone who has absolutely earned it and deserves it. Mason’s planned prayer for help changes into one of complete and utter contrition. Desperate now for forgiveness, Mason tries to make amends with his family and counselors and most of all with Ruby…although it may be too late.

Estreia Mundial:
15 de Julho de 2014
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