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Gorillaz - Stylo


Gorillaz - Stylo

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On 14 December 2009, California-based newspaper Desert Dispatch reported that a Gorillaz video shoot had taken place on 12 December in Calico Ghost Town, California. A representative from the production company said the video had a Mad Max theme.[10] The main portion of the video, a car chase, has been compared to the car chase scene in the 2005 Australian Horror film Wolf Creek. No information has been given by Gorillaz to clear up whether or not the film was an influence on the video.
The music video depicts a fast-paced car chase on a Californian desert road. Murdoc, 2D, and an android Noodle (with a bullet hole in her head) are speeding down the road in a bullet-riddled, smoking 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with the word "Stylo" on the front grille. They encounter an inept police officer (played by actor Jason Nott) who pursues the speeding band in a police car. The android Noodle, while Murdoc is trying to pull her back in the car and pull over, shoots at the police officer's vehicle, running it off the side of the road. Bruce Willis, in a red 1968 Chevrolet El Camino, chases down and shoots at the Gorillaz, as the sky turns black with a spectral fog and the android Noodle malfunctions and collapses. As Bruce and the Gorillaz race across the desert, the policeman crawls towards his spilled box of doughnuts. Before he can reach it, a shadowy masked figure (the "Boogieman")[15] appears out of thin air and envelops the stunned policeman in a black fog, similar to that in the sky. The video ends with the Stylo car running off the side of the road and into the ocean, as Bruce looks on contently. The car, submerged underwater, transforms into a shark-like craft and swims out of view. The CGI characters of the music-video have been made by the London-based award winning company Passion Pictures, and co-directed by Pete Candeland. During the video, references are made to three other tracks on the album:
As he is being run off the road, the officer crashes through and wrecks a billboard poster of "Superfast Jellyfish".
There is a sign labeled "Sweepstakes" that can be seen when the scene of the police officer's wrecked car is returned to.
At the end of the clip, the submerged car that was occupied by the animated members of the Gorillaz transforms into a shark-shaped submarine, which is also seen in the music video for "On Melancholy Hill".

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