How Not to Live Your Life (2ª Temporada)


How Not to Live Your Life (2ª Temporada)

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Don é um neurótico de vinte e nove anos de idade que está tentando encontrar seu caminho pela vida. Seu maior inimigo é sua mente hiperativa, que desempenha inúmeras cenas de coisas que ele não deve fazer ou dizer.

(More adventures with twenty-something Don Danbury, whose quick-fire fantasy sequences play out a variety of options, each completely and hilariously inappropriate… Abby, the unrequited love of his life may have left to travel the world, but Don will never be alone while Eddie, his nan’s old carer is around. And now that Eddie’s also looking after grumpy neighbour Mrs Treacher, Don’s got plenty of company, just the wrong age, temperament and absolute remote possibility of sexual attraction. With six months before she returns from her travels, Don’s setting out to get Abby out of his system. He’s got a new and attractive new lodger, Samantha, but this time he’s going to play it cool – looking elsewhere for fun, including an older woman, a colonic therapist, even Samantha’s brother!

Although Samantha is an ex-model, intelligent and caring she always seems to choose the wrong men and throughout the series Samantha and Don both embark on some seriously bad dates. As they begin to spend more time together, could it be that perfect match is closer to home than they thought?)

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