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Invasion of the Saucer Men


Invasion of the Saucer Men

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A spaceship lands in the woods. A teenage couple, Johnny Carter (Steven Terrell) and Joan Haydon (Gloria Castillo), driving down lover's lane without headlights, accidentally run down one of the aliens. Joe Gruen (Frank Gorshin) a drunken opportunist, comes across the alien's corpse. He plans to keep the body in his fridge, but the aliens arrive and kill him by injecting alcohol into his veins via their hypodermic fingernails. Having reported their close encounter to the police, Johnny and Joan return with the Sheriff, only to find Joe's body in place of the alien. The police plan to charge them with manslaughter. Meanwhile the dead alien's hand detaches itself, grows an eye, and runs amok. The military, following a UFO report, are soon involved. They surround the alien's spaceship, but in the end it is the teenagers who defeat the aliens when they discover that they cannot stand the glare from their car headlights.
The alien makeup was designed by Paul Blaisdell.
AIP remade the film in color in 1966, cheaply, to pad out their TV sales back catalogue of movies for American television, as The Eye Creatures.
The TV series Futurama based the appearance of character Morbo off of the aliens in this film.

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