La Dinastía Dracula


La Dinastía Dracula

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  • Dynasty of Dracula - Estados Unidos da América
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from Screem magazine #17:
…not exactly a remake of the classic El vampiro, La dinastía Drácula is more of a tribute to the earlier movie. Note to gringos--the "Fabián" (aka Fabián Aranza) who appears in this movie is not (as frequently and incorrectly stated) the pop singer of the same name (aka Fabian Forte) nor does he play the vampire (that would be actor Roberto Nelson, sporting some hellacious muttonchop sideburns). The Inquisition (remember them?) drives a stake through the heart of the evil Duke Antonio in 1585, burying him a cursed grotto. 300 years later, vampire Baron Von Helsing (!) and the Duke's immortal lover return: they want to purchase the hacienda where the grotto is located so they can resurrect the Duke (and I don't mean John Wayne). Local doctor Ramiro (Fabián) and priest Father Juan team up to eradicate the troublesome vampires. A far cry from the stylish El vampiro, La dinastía Drácula still makes some attempt to be atmospheric, borrowing bits from Stoker's original novel as well its classic Mexican predecessor. By the way, like El imperio de Drácula, Dinastía does not feature any vampire named "Dracula" (or even "Alucard"), despite the title.

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