Le Revenant


Le Revenant

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  • Apparitions - Estados Unidos da América
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"Two servants at an inn, a steward and a pretty maid, prepare a room for an old man. As they leave, the old man attempts to grab the maid, but she rebuffs him and quickly exits. Alone, the old man sits at a table to read his newspaper, lighting a candle to do so. Seemingly enchanted, the candle glides away to the opposite end of the table. The old man moves closer to the light, but the candle avoids him. When he turns his attention away briefly the candle grows enormous, then shrinks again. The old man moves too close to the candle and his newspaper catches fire. He throws the paper down and sprays it with seltzer, but it turns into a beautiful woman, who smiles seductively. When he rushes towards her, she turns into a horrible old woman wrapped in a shroud, who laughs at the man and dances mockingly. He attempts to strike her, but passes through her. As he flings himself at her in one last spectacular dive, the maid re-enters with his supper. The Apparition disappears, and the old man..."

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