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7Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 1 de Junho de 1956 (62 years)

Houston, Texas, USA

Gave birth to her daugter Lily Pearl Black on 8 May 2001. The father is country singer Clint Black.

Sister is Terri Hartman.

Attended Houston's High School for the Performing Arts, did lots of local theater work. At age 16, she was the lead singer of a Houston rock band, called "Lisa Hartman and Four Grand" that played at local Holiday Inns.

Measurements: 34C-24-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Daughter of Houston singer Howard Hartman and Hollywood PR agent Jonni Hartman. Stepfather is Ray Rogers.

Mother, Jonni Hartman, was a Hollywood publicity agent. She says Lisa insisted "she was going to be a star from the time she was 4 or 5 years old".

Father is country-singer Howard Hartman.

Did commercials with actor John Wayne when she was a child.

Took leading parts in theater plays as "Cinderella" and "South Pacific".

In Germany, she often was dubbed by actress and dubbing artist Christina Hoeltel ("Knots Landing" (1979), "2000 Malibu Road" (1992) or Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal (1989) (TV)).

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