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10 Melhores terrores de Stephen King, pelo Taste of Cinema

10 Melhores terrores de Stephen King, pelo Taste of Cinema


Stephen King is one of the biggest names in storytelling. There’s no arguing that. It’s just a simple fact. Since his debut, he’s been a big name and a unique presence in literature. He has had such a successful career with such an original voice, that he changed storytelling.

There’s narrative now that can be described as King-esque. And since his debut, his name has been an attractive one to filmmakers. His work has been adapted nonstop since his debut, with the first to be made, Carrie, being a bona fide classic that set an example for Hollywood that it was very possible to do it right. And while the man has made classics in many a genre, his most famous work is horror so it is only logical that the majority of works based on his stuff is horror. While there may be a lot, there isn’t actually much that is good.

Plenty of crap has been produced, half assed product just made to be sold with the intentions of making a quick buck that comes with having his name attached. But when the movies work, boy do they work. There’s a magic to King’s stories and when a movie gets that right, there’s nothing like it.

Many a talented director has taken a crack at his work and for the most part, they all feel of a piece. So with the massive success of It recently (now currently the highest grossing horror movie ever), ranking the horror movies made out of his work seems pretty damn fitting.


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  1. Creepshow - Show de Horrores  (Creepshow)

    Creepshow - Show de Horrores

    3.7 183 Assista Agora
  2. Louca Obsessão (Misery)

    Louca Obsessão

    4.1 1,0K Assista Agora
  3. O Nevoeiro (The Mist)

    O Nevoeiro

    3.5 2,3K
  4. It - A Coisa (It)

    It - A Coisa

    4.0 2,7K Assista Agora
  5. Christine, O Carro Assassino (Christine)

    Christine, O Carro Assassino

    3.3 584
  6. Na Hora da Zona Morta (The Dead Zone)

    Na Hora da Zona Morta

    3.6 214
  7. Carrie, a Estranha (Carrie)

    Carrie, a Estranha

    3.7 1,3K Assista Agora
  8. O Iluminado (The Shining)

    O Iluminado

    4.3 3,7K Assista Agora
  9. A Metade Negra (The Dark Half)

    A Metade Negra

    3.2 52 Assista Agora
  10. A Janela Secreta (Secret Window)

    A Janela Secreta

    3.7 1,4K Assista Agora


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