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Nascimento: 1 de Outubro de 1982 (36 years)

Atlanta - Estados Unidos da América

Born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. Melissa LeEllen spent her early years creating short skits and dances for family and friends and performing at her local church organization. Melissa was raised by her grandparents and vividly remembers watching soap operas with her grandmother and falling in love with each character. Ever since her earliest days, she was fascinated by acting.

High School is where Melissa's talent truly began to blossom. Her abilities landed her the leading roles in high school productions and work in local theater playhouses. Her experience at this level helped to manifest the person she is today; a strong, confident actress who can connect with audiences.

After majoring in Acting at Winthrop University, Melissa has been in feature films such as "A Family That Preys", a Tyler Perry Production; "The Blind Side", produced by Warner Bros.; "The Last Song" produced by OffSpring Entertainment; and "Hall Pass," alongside Owen Wilson, produced by Conundrum Entertainment. Her acting resume also includes a wide range of television shows, commercials and independent films and short-form content. Her characters contain her own personal nuances, while never losing their unique strengths.

Melissa has a long standing dedication to charities and has worked closely with Breast Cancer Research, Support Haiti, and the Children's Network. Melissa is very excited about starting her own nonprofit organization, "The LeEllen Foundation" to help mentor children that are growing up without both of their parents.

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