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"Melissa" is inspired by true events and real people.
Two girls promise to be friends forever until one is struck by cancer.

"Melissa is based on true events from my life. My name is Brittney Bomann. I am the writer/ producer of "Melissa". This heart wrenching story about two eight year old girls who struggle to make amends after Melissa tells Breanne she has cancer. This movie will touch your heart and have you re-thinking you're own life. This short film is about acceptance and the learning of unconditional love between friends. "
"The short film was shot in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. This intimate and beloved short film touched the lives of many, ranging from all ages and demographs. Recently "Melissa" had over 58,000 views before having to remove the short due to Film Festival rules and regulations.
"Melissa" is played by Emily Grace Reaves "The Hannah Montana Movie", "Breanne" is played by Sophie Texiera and "Ellis" is played by veteran actor Christopher Atkins "The Blue Lagoon". Directed by Sphear Collins, this talented casts comes together to create a touching master piece. "

Melissa- Emily Grace Reaves
Breanne- Sophie Texeira
Ellis- Christopher Atkins
Grace- Keana Texeira

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